Fish Dentist

AI Prompt:

gary is a chocolate chip cookie that dreams of becoming a professional wrestler. one day while training to become a wrestler gary is walking past a birthday party and becomes tangled in balloons. he floats up into the sky.up in the sky gary meets a canada goose named francine. francine helps gary safely land on the ground. however at this point francine is tempted to eat gary. gary escapes slayer. after many months of travel gary finally arrives back home where he settles down and gets a job as a fish dentist. from that point forward however gary is nervous whenever he hears a goose nearby. please write the story of gary in 500 words. 200 of the words should be dialogue.


Gary: (sighs) One day, I’m going to be a professional wrestler.

Francine: (honks) Really? That sounds exciting.

Gary: Yeah, I’ve been training for months.

Francine: (tilts her head) What kind of training?

Gary: Strength training, cardio, and practicing my moves.

Francine: (nods) That’s impressive for a cookie.

Gary: (smirks) I may be a cookie, but I’m determined to make it happen.

As Gary walks past a birthday party, he suddenly gets tangled in balloons and floats up into the sky.

Gary: (yells) Help! Somebody help me!

Francine sees Gary and flies up to him.

Francine: (honks) Hang on, Gary! I’ll help you down.

She carefully untangles him from the balloons and helps him land safely on the ground.

Gary: (breathes a sigh of relief) Thank you, Francine. I thought I was done for.

Francine: (smiles) No problem. But, um, can I ask you something?

Gary: (curious) Sure, what is it?

Francine: (licks her beak) Can I eat you? You look so tasty.

Gary: (alarmed) What? No! I’m not food, I’m a wrestler!

Francine: (shrugs) Sorry, Gary. I’m a goose, and we eat things like you.

Gary: (defeated) I guess I should have expected this. I’m just a cookie after all.

But Gary uses his quick thinking and wrestling moves to escape Francine’s clutches and continues his journey back home.

After many months of travel, Gary finally arrives back home and settles down as a fish dentist.

Gary: (to a patient) Open wide, Mr. Goldfish. Let’s take a look at those teeth.

But from that point forward, Gary is always nervous whenever he hears a goose nearby.

Gary: (whispers) I’ll never forget the day I met Francine. She could have eaten me alive.

Patient: (blubs)

Gary: (smiling) Don’t worry, Mr. Goldfish. You’re in good hands with me.