Dragon’s Rage

In a faraway land, there was a dragon named Dracul. Dracul was unlike any other dragon in the kingdom. He was a friendly dragon who loved to spend his days exploring the forest and making new friends.

One day, while exploring the forest, Dracul stumbled upon a talking ear of corn. The corn was different from any other ear of corn that Dracul had ever seen before. It was friendly and spoke in a soft and gentle voice. Dracul was fascinated by the corn and soon the two became good friends.

Every day, Dracul would visit the corn and they would spend hours talking and sharing stories. The corn would tell Dracul about the history of the forest and the animals that lived there, while Dracul would tell the corn about his travels and adventures.

One day, a young boy from the nearby village stumbled upon the talking corn. The boy was hungry and decided to eat the corn, not realizing that it was Dracul’s friend. When Dracul found out what had happened, he was filled with rage. He flew to the village and burned down the entire village in his anger.

Afterwards, Dracul was filled with guilt for what he had done. He realized that his anger had caused him to do something terrible, and that he had hurt innocent people. Dracul vowed to never let his anger get the best of him again and to always try to understand the perspective of others.

From that day on, Dracul became an ambassador of peace, traveling from village to village, sharing stories and bringing people together. He also made a vow to always remember his friend, the talking ear of corn, and the lessons he had learned about the dangers of anger and the importance of friendship.