Helicopter Show Cover

Helicopter Show

Helicopter Show was published in January 2009 by BRASS TACKS PRESS. It contains twelve short stories (around sixty pages total) about pizza trees, sega genesis, talking animals, knife-wielding clowns, mustaches, submarines, etc. Good stuff!

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Stories from Helicopter Show

Free Mustache
Helicopter Show
Cool Sheep Island
A Pile of Delicious Leaves
While Outside
Day of Beebears
Seal Thief
Ice Cream Moose
Bird in My Kettle
Cereal Party


Omelet Shark

Helicopter Show Cover

Omelet Shark was published in 2005 by BRASS TACKS PRESS. It contains sixteen short stories. The title story, Omelet Shark, is about a shark who crashes at his buddy’s place and gobbles up all his chow while making a delicious omelet. Good times!

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Stories from Omelet Shark

Laundry Day
Power Button
Laser Tommy
Pancake Pond
Twelve Bears
Tak Tuckerby
What Am I Now?
Jefferson Elementary Beach Chairs
Dog Marbles
The Zoo
Omelet Shark
Darryl Larry

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